Monday, 28 December 2015

Why Facebook is blue in color

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Welcome , Today we are going to talk about the Big Blue App  having billions of users world wide that why Facebook is blue ever and ever .As you may have notice that every apps coming of the Facebook are blue in color what the heck is this . From logos to their background , From icons to typography all comes in blue in color.
The reason behind this is :
According to The New Yorker, the reason is simple. It’s because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind. This means that blue is the color Mark can see the best. In his own words Zuck says:

“Blue is the richest color for me; I can see all of blue.”

Not highly scientific right? Well, although in the case of Facebook.

So Blue Color is the lucky color for Mark Zuckerberg . therefore all the Apps and other services that are nearly coming expectedly will be blue in color.Facebook are keeping their color maintain for a while from "" till now and also the Statistics Shows that blue is the color which both males and females likes the most.

Another Cool things as you may see about hyperlink they are all blue in color ,its not only in facebook but all the web around as you see you may encounter the hyperlinks color .The reason behind this is that hyperlinks blue in colors are highly contrasted and clearly shown to every users

“Tim Berners-Lee, the main inventor of the web, is believed to be the man who first made hyperlinks blue. Mosaic, a very early web browser, displayed webpages with a (ugly) gray background and black
text. The darkest color available at the time that was not the same as the black text was that blue color. Therefore, to make links stand apart from plain text, but still be readable, the color blue was selected.”

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