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Hello readers I am so glade to welcome you in my blog.The aim of this blog is to provide you the latest and pure technologies .You can found amazing tricks and tips relating to our day to day life in computer world.The focus of my blog is on Programming ,Internet Technologies and especially cyber security.Here you can learn Ethical Hacking from scratch ,fom where you start and to where you go.Here we have provide numerous amount of resources that are official and teach by companies professionals and experts which you can get benefits of it .This blog I am starting is differ from other here in one plateform you can find the numerous of tricks ,tips ,hecks and technologies . All of the stuff provided by this blog is Ethical . If u follow the steps and apply ur skills in Good way U can become a successuful security experts . All the stuff provided by this blog is for Education Purpose only. If u do something wrong with this then I am not responsible for that . Here we have provided Pentester Labs which u can play with it ethically and legally . You can test ur skills here and improve your skills . The resources and cources we are providing here are completely free and open cources.So joining me and stayed connected with me to learn the latest trends in technology .Thanks